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Tear-Off and Reroof

The time eventually comes when a roof goes beyond repair. It happens to all of us as homeowners and deciding you need a new roof is never an easy decision. I understand! We will be happy to sit down with you and step you through the process of purchasing a new roof.


Do you have a shingle missing from your roof? How about a leaking chimney? Or perhaps a critter is wreaking havoc on your soffit and fascia? Whatever the problem is, we can help! It’s the hard-to-do repairs that we excel at.  Take a look at what we do and see if you have any of these issues:

Additional Services

Most people don’t pay attention to their roofs and realize that they often need help. “What kind of help” you ask? Ventilation and gutters are key components to helping a roof do its job. If your roof is not venting the attic properly it can lead to premature roof damage.

Complete Tear-Off and Reroof

    • Asphalt
    • Flat
  • Cedar


    • Chimney
    • Fascia, Soffit, Siding
    • Hip and Ridge Replacement
  • General Roof Repairs

Additional Services

    • Install and Repair Skylights
    • Repair, Clean, and Install Gutter Guards
  • Attic Ventilation 

Quality roofing is very important to protect your investment. Water damage can lead to mold and costly repairs, so you have to maintain a waterproof system with adequate drainage. Higher Ground Roofing is your perfect choice for a wide variety of roofing needs.

Higher Ground Roofing started in 2017 when my wife and I saw the need for a trustworthy roofing contractor, who performed top-quality work at a fair price.  We also wanted to maintain customer satisfaction and keep our customer’s peace of mind as a top priority to us and our company.

So, we decided to take our 15 years of roofing experience and start our own company. We began by brainstorming a company name that encompassed what we were. Our primary goal is to take a moral and ethical approach to the roofing business. So there was no better choice than to name ourselves, Higher Ground Roofing.

No project is too big or small. We offer a wide variety of products and service to meet your needs. whether you have a single or multi-family home or commercial business, we can safely, quickly and professionally handle your project needs.

We only use the highest quality products while giving you cost effective options to meet your needs and budget. We have dozens of colors and styles to match and update your home or business.

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